What is the importance of breadcrumbs in SEO?

What is the importance of breadcrumbs in SEO?

SEO has been playing an important role in businesses achieving their goals and doing successful marketing to stay ahead. But today, SEO is not just about the keywords or ranking. It has become so much more. Do you know that SEO services play an integral part in website navigation? It is through breadcrumbs. Now, your main question will be what is breadcrumbs in SEO, and that’s what we are here to answer today.

It is a navigational feature that impacts on the user experience. Many websites still neglect this critical part of SEO, which is a huge mistake. It is easy to implement, and it will create a positive impact on your business.

What is breadcrumbs in SEO?

Breadcrumbs are the website links that help in navigation, and they are all on the home page. Mostly, we call it the header and footer of the website where we place all the navigation, and that’s the most important thing. It ensures that the customers or your traffic can easily find what they are looking for.

Consider them like internal links that let the users hop on the next page with just one click. This SEO feature is implemented in the UI/UX of the website. Long ago, it was not even that important, but the recent changes made by Google show that it is necessary for every online business.

Benefits of using breadcrumbs for SEO

Now that you are familiar with what is breadcrumbs in SEO let’s check out its benefits. 

It keeps people longer on the website

Breadcrumbs have a strong impact on the bounce rate. To ensure that the people who visit your site stay longer, you need to implement breadcrumbs. Otherwise, there is a significant problem with your UI/UX if there is a higher bounce rate. You won’t be able to get more leads and conversions if people come and bounce back to the competitors. 

Improves website ranking

 Breadcrumbs are not only for the design and navigation but are necessary now to rank on Google. The search engine ranks websites that have a user-friendly platform for people where they can find what they are looking for easily. Moreover, you can make categories and sub-categories to make your navigation easier for the people. 

It improves your UX

As we have discussed above, SEO breadcrumbs positively impact your site and its design. A UI/UX design aims to ensure that the site’s conversion rate will increase. If you implement breadcrumbs, there is a higher chance of ranking and getting better results. 

Common mistakes to avoid using breadcrumbs

 If you are familiar with what is breadcrumbs in SEO, you should also know the mistakes that you need to avoid. We cannot agree more that implementing breadcrumbs is highly important, but some mistakes can harm your website. So, let’s discuss them in detail: 

 Type of font and size:

The breadcrumbs or the links of navigation must be easy to read. They cannot be too big or too small, just right. While designing the template, focus on desktop and mobile views and ensure that the font you use, even in size, is easier for people to understand what you are offering or writing. 

 Do not repeat your navigation links:

Many people make the mistake of adding too much navigation on the header and footer. While sometimes businesses are required to add, think of what will provide value to your users. What can you add to the header, or what can you add to the footer? 

While sometimes repetition can work, you cannot rely only on the breadcrumbs. Focus on the website’s design that can enhance the navigational features. 

Use the right type of breadcrumbs

There are different types, but location breadcrumbs work for many businesses. Mainly, if you are operating online, this is the best choice to go for. 


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